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to make anyone same old. before the debate between romney and obama, did anyone think romney had a chance of winning this election? do you think there is a chance that obama could lose? >> a chance. president obama was ahead by 3- 5. romney's favorable swore under water. it was in bad shape in ohio, michigan, and pennsylvania. i would put it -- i would give obama the edge 60-40. watch ohio. >> watch ohio. there is a way for romney to win it. if he loses ohio, it is tougher for him. he has made that more possible by what he did in the debate. >> it is a jump ball. it is possible for romney to win. you look state-by-state, which is the reason that before the debate i would say that romney had little chance. you saw him falling off a cliff and these key states. the romney people would tell you heartening support for the president, sought the support for romney. you are seeing the reverse. >> i have thought before hand there was a greater chance that romney could win because there was a series of state polls before the debate. they showed it was closing after romney had a bad september. it co
found that when romney would offer something specific, except for a few points that barack obama had repeatedly used in speeches about where he was saving money or will the health benefits were coming from, he would not back up his statements with hard information. i found that in the speech he was making today. >> a tweet from marji. donald on our independent line. is that clarksville, tennessee? maryland? >> virginia. ok, first of all let me go back to what the man said a few minutes ago. common sense would tell you that if you are spending money where it is not needed, then that money could be used to spend on other programs, and the money that you are not spending on those programs, you could save that money and that would keep you from the deficit going up and up and up. that is, and math. unfortunately -- that is common math. unfortunately, that is the problem with many mitt romney supporters. they do not understand common math. mitt romney told america lies last night, and the sad thing about it is that so many poor and middle-class americans will believe them all because he l
campaigning in iowa. mitt romney and his campaign vice president paul ryan are campaigning together today in virginia. while in denver for last night's debate, we talked with some students about their views on the election. >> the issue for me has to do with women's rights. and rights for all women, not just wealthy women. and the supreme court will go a long way to make sure that those are secured for generations to come. >> i was interested in the economy. >> the biggest issue for me is getting a job after i'm done for school. i pay $55,000 a year to come here. i need a job to pay for that. >> it's important to me to make sure i am able to get a job. >> there are many issues we need to focus on. >> video-based social media service similar to a tweet. last night's debate is the most tweeted event in history, topping this year's republican and democratic conventions. a look at last night's debate. the debate was held at the university of denver. it was spoke focusing on domestic policy issues. we want to show you reaction from the candidates during the debate. it's about an hour and a hal
debates for mitt romney, including this one that aired on cnn. the moderator questioning mitt romney on his taxes. >> you mentioned the democratic attacks. i want to ask you to go back in history. back in 1967, your father said a ground breaking standard in american politics. he released his tax return. he released them for not one year, but for 12 years. when he did that, he said, one year to be a fluke. when you release yours, will you follow your father's example? >> may be. [laughter] i do not know. i will take a look. audience: boo! >> i will be happy to release them. i know there are some who are very anxious to see if they cannot make it more difficult for a campaign to be successful. i am not going to apologize for being successful. [applause] i am not suggesting these people are doing that. i know the democrats will go after me on that basis. that is why i want to release these things at the same time. my dad, born in mexico, toward, did not get a college degree. i could have stayed in detroit like him and gotten pulled up in the car business. i went up on my own. i did not
. 2012] >> both presidential candidates are in ohio, with rallies this afternoon. mitt romney is a kind of false -- is at the falls. the president fifth event at ohio state university will start shortly. meanwhile, a discussion of how the presidential race shapes up. >> we will be getting electoral scoreboard updates from a lot of publications. today, we feature "the wall street journal." which are joined by a political reporter there. thank you for joining us. guest: thank you for having me. host: what are we looking at? guest: you can see which states we have classified as swing states at this point. we are down to eight, a fairly small number of up-for-grabs states that are in play. but you can look at how the measures that are important to understanding the states. we have talked about the national economy. it is also important to look at the economy within each of these states. you can look at unemployment numbers, foreclosure numbers, the price of a gallon of gas in virginia. you can also look at the history of each of these states, to give you a sense of where the have been in th
different things. the latino community will be more inclined to push the president. if romney is elected, he will not be able to sneeze. if obama gets reelected, the latinos will be more inclined to push him harder than the black community. the latino community is more diverse. they are more inclined to push marco rubio that people from the dominican republic and when it comes to issues of immigration. they will be more inclined to stand on their platforms. the other aspect is i think african-americans will be less likely to push back on a history maker, and one of the pockets of opportunity for black people is we need to push the history maker to be historic a little bit more for us of the the next four years. we are intended to do that because you go from slavery to the first black president. it has only been 150 years. think about the journey to go from slavery to the leader of the free world within 150 years. we are only 50 years away from jim crow. i think we probably need to push this president if he gets elected. >> we have pushed from the inside more from the outside. in another four
"60 minutes" regarding romney pose a response to the attacks -- the president said that mitt romney has a tendency to shoot first and came later -- shoot first and aim later. given so much -- given the fact is a much was made of this video that apparently had nothing to do with the attack on benghazi, didn't president obama shoot first and aim later? >> i would say the information we have now is not complete -- >> i am just going off to what the state department said. >> he was just reacting to the -- the informational as they were reacting to the release of that video. i will leave it to those on capitol hill to talk about -- >> i am talking about in benghazi, not referring to the protests. >> at the time, the intelligence community's assessment was the attacks began following the release of that video in cairo. again, this is a moving picture. people who on the night of an attack or the day after claim they know all the facts without making clear that what we know is based on preliminary information are not being straight, and they are in some cases trying to politicize a situatio
committee. host: let's go back to the >> how is mitt romney going to be able to win independent voters after he alienated them in the primary? guest: i think that debate over night, which you watched as a politicalf th science and journalism -- he pivoted to some of the positions that he explicitly set aside during the primaries, where he became truly one of the most -- there were others, rick santorum and newt gingrich -- extremist candidates on key issues that appeal to independents. when a pos -- one of the most interesting things in this election is the growing gender gap. you are too young, but many in 1992 called it the year of the woman, because of the showdown between anita hill and at then- being-confirmed justice clarence thomas. where were the women's voices? you had that sense when georgetown student center fluk -- sandra fluke was called to testify on contraception and it was an all-metal panel. -- all-male panel. would you imagine that in the 21st century that contraception would be raised as a polarizing issue, huerta taken -- where todd akin is talking about legitimate rate.
you have endorsed mitt romney. have you had that conversation with him? abbey said i find your comments deplorable? -- have you said i find your comments deplorable? [laughter] >> i see these advertisements for the candidates are debating with each other on how to deal with the cheating of china. both used the word cheat. it may be that in china they do not understand and i am bothered by the fact that appealing to china -- it does not affect my feeling of the canada. >> mitt romney has also talked about labelling china as a currency manipulator. would that be productive? i will take that for a no. >> i have stated my view. i remember the reagan campaign's making statements which i did not think were adequate to the overall relationship, and clinton did the same thing. i have confidence that when in office, and president looking at the realities will come to the conclusion that i have outlined with my colleagues in which there is little dissent among the community of people who deal with china. there are those who have other views and want to turn it into a crusade. but they ha
romney is not honest with people. he flip flops so much, he says so many things, one day this, one day that. he changes so much. you cannot trust a person like that to run for president. another thing is people blame the president because they cannot find a job. i am sorry. when you need the money, you do anything. i washed dishes. we do whatever to get by. i have found other jobs so i can live a stable life. you cannot blame it on a president like that. host: did you just recently registered to vote? caller: yes. host: what was the process like in nebraska? caller: i do not know. it is ok. caller: i don't know. it was ok. host: where are you from? caller: i'm from thailand. host: thank you for calling. vance, tell us why you are a first-time voter. caller: just for the most part, and overthrow -- and on the road toward garver having difficulty making it to the polls. host: why is this election the when you are going to vote in? host: -- caller: i am working locally this time, so i can actually get to the polls. i have seen some things that really disturbs me. obama has kept no promise
. the question about bipartisanship here, senator, let me ask you this. you said a mitt romney that he is one of your strongest and earliest backers. he said it comes to dealing with the economic issues, there is no one i would trust more than governor romney. would you be a reliable ally of a president romney? >> i think he pointed out in your initial comment about this functionality in washington. when i went down there, i thought it was dysfunctional. when i got there, it was even worse. it still is. if you see it everyday. in speaking to the independent voters of massachusetts and being that independent of voice. i spoke about 50% with my party and 50% with the other party. that is a lot different than what professor warren would do. i need not work for anybody. i cannot work for president obama, mitt romney, mitch, harry reid -- i work for the people of massachusetts. i am named the least partisan senator and united states senate. >> it is striking the youth support governor running for president, i assume. >> as i said, when it comes to dealing with the economic issues, absolutely. >> y
to both of those debates on c-span radio or watch them on line. and later tonight, mitt romney holds a campaign rally in denver. he is scheduled to speak at the air and space museum. it is the last public event before the presidential debate on wednesday. you can see his comments live at 9:15 eastern on c-span2. >> china has cheated. i will finally do something the president has not been willing to do, which is to call them on the carpet for it and label chided a manipulator. >> we have made more changes against china in our term than the previous administration has done in two, and, by the way, we are winning in those states. >> you can watch and engage with c-span with our live debate preview, followed by two ways to watch the debate lies. on c-span, both candidates on screen during the entire event, and then the multi camera version, and falling, your reaction. follow our live coverage on c- span, c-span radio, and online at >> former new mexico governor and libertarian can it -- can the -- candidate gary johnson. host: joining us now is gary johnson, former governor o
justice, i would hope there would not be a litmus test for president romney when he is supporting -- when he is so -- when he is presenting candidates for the supreme court. supreme court justices decide many issues. while i might not agree on each and everyone, i would want to bet that supreme court justice and judge the best justice for all their beliefs and all of their rulings said it would rule in accordance with the constitution. the blunt amendment overreached. it was not about contraception. it was about the of reach of government and the separation of church and state. i will always support the separation of church and state and the overreach of government. part of what's wrong in washington is our government is too big. keeps reaching into our lives. i clearly support women's health issues but i don't support government overreach. >> here in connecticut, we have a lot on the books that says an employer has to cover basic preventive health care, which includes coverage for contraception. the blunt amendment would take direct aim at states like connecticut who have stood up for wo
money to the guy who works for the payday lender. they face huge regulatory barriers. mitt romney my promise that if he is elected, that will not go into effect. >> do you want to dive in? >> 100 years ago, the wall street trusts and elected theodore roosevelt because they thought he would not enforce the antitrust laws. that was ideological and they did not like william jennings bryan because they thought he was a socialist. they said if you want our thinking and the white house, we want somebody who sees things our way. the great line that came after that was that theodore roosevelt could not stay bought. theodore roosevelt said we should have public funding out of the treasury. if you look back at the supreme court in the citizens united case, you see a court that has two dare -- very different views over what is happening. we have your view which is a perfectly respectable view of the aspirations that there will these -- will be these independent groups speaking and saying what they want to say. it will be fully disclosed and it will not be corrupting independents. then you have
["stars and stripes forever" plays] >> you have been watching live coverage of mitt romney in virginia. he made several policy proposals, including those on shipbuilding, israel and palestine, missile defense and nato, as well as a general outline of his approach to foreign policy. we want your reaction. you can see the numbers up there on the screen. you can also send eight weeks. we are using the hashtag #cspan 2012. what did you think of this speech? caller: i think governor romney is trying to propagate a policy that he really does not have any experience in. the things that he says are good. they sound good. but i think the american people and the people of the world are just really not into being the police of the world, as governor romney is suggesting in this speech and lately since the debate. i think, again, it sounds good, but i do not think it is good for the country. host: our next call comes from battle creek, michigan, on our independent line. caller: i am ex-military, and i fought in desert storm. yeah, i think it's a lot of words. i have heard the same song
selected by highly paid consultants. another says mr. romney would cut unnecessary subsidies -- does that include subsidies for the oil companies? another asks about hydraulic fracturing and the keystone pipeline. if you would like to weigh in, but it to our facebook page. we're covering the debate live tonight and later, you can watch the entire thing on our debate hub. we will break it down by topic area and individual clips. we have made it easy for you to share your own clips at c- as we get ready for tonight's debate, we will take you back to 1984 when democratic presidential candidate walter mondale is directly chose geraldine ferraro as the first woman candidate on a majority party ticket. she faced off against incumbent vice president george h. w. bush. the 90 minute debate took place in philadelphia and was moderated by nbc news anchor sandy than ochre. [applause] >> good evening. good evening from the civic center in philadelphia, pennsylvania. i'm dorothy ridings, president of the league of women voters, the sponsor of tonight's vice- presidential debate
. by the way, we have been winning those cases. >> president obama and mitt romney meet in their first presidential debate. watch and engage with c-span, with our live debate preview. fallen by two ways to watch the debate at 9:00. on c-span, both candidates on screen the entire debate. and then on c-span2, multiple angles. in about 15 minutes, we will go to the newseum here in washington where the national communications association held a panel with communications scholars on how to watch the debates, what viewers should look for. live coverage begins at 1:00 eastern. tonight, we continue our live campaign 2012 coverage. three congressional debates to show you. we will go to the university of massachusetts for a debate between incumbent president scott brown and elizabeth warren. c-span will have coverage of that. that will be followed at shinnecock by -- 8:00. c-span2 will have eric cantor as she squares off against a former army colonel when powell. live coverage at 7:00 eastern on c-span2. "usa" richard walsh sat down with an interview with ross perot. c-span cameras were there to
:00 for our debate preview here on c-span. well, earlier this week, with president obama and mitt romney held their last campaign rallies anbefore tonight. president obama was in las vegas. we will show you a portion of that event, and then a portion of mitt romney's rally in denver. here is the president now. >> now, you may have heard that in a few days, my opponent in this election and i are going to have a debate. i am looking forward to it. i know folks in the media are speculating already on who is going to have the best zinger. i don't know about that. who is going to put the most points on the board. now, no, governor romney, he is a good debater. i'm just ok. but what i'm most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard- working americans. that is what people are going to be listening for, that is the debate that you deserve. because in the coming weeks, you are going to have a big choice to make, nev., and it is and not just a choice between two candidates or two political parties. it is a choice b
amount of money, and outbid everybody else with these assets. alternative plans, governor romney has said this could have been done privately and the government could have guaranteed the financing in bankruptcy. the real question that is hard to enter is could an alternative that did not use the section of the bankruptcy code -- the government said to the court we're making this offer for chrysler. setting this very strict time limit. with an alternate process that was largely run by the banks from a commercial point of view -- could these companies have gone through bankruptcy in such a quick time? obviously we cannot know because we -- it never happened, but that is the real question. remember just how nervous everyone was in detroit about this idea people would stop buying cars when the companies went to bankruptcy's. that is what the task force used the chrysler company as a dry anrun. >> because it was ready. gm was so complicated, so big, that it was not ready. chrysler became the dry run. when you say our approved course, we were prepared to put up money. we did not try to ram some
on the brahney side -- particularly on the romney side is a lack of specifics. i do not say that in a partisan manner. the president has to submit a detailed budget. the obama budget has been scored by the cbo and has a 2.4% deficit-reduction in the next 10 years. you can argue over what you think that is enough in not to stabilize the debt to gdp ratio but conversely, i'm not actually sure i would want to see ronnie detail all of the tax expenditure changes he says he will come up with. the problem, of course, is betting campaign, if people -- is tt in campaigns, if people start putting out more detailed proposals, demobilize the opposition. this is kind of like the 1993 securities commission. the two parties can hold hands and they do not start out being a brahney proposal or an obama proposal or a republican proposal or a democrat proposal. i am interested in what is in the debates in the next four weeks -- i am less interested in what is in the debates in the next four weeks and then what the vendor does in the weeks after the election. >> why would you like to hear -- what would you like
trust the president does handling of tax is more than mitt romney. another poll also give the president the edge on that issue. this is the first time, the first time, that democrats have had the upper hand on taxes in 30 years. this represents a sea change. the six causing republicans to rethink their approach. look at governor run it -- in recent weeks, he has gone to great lengths to moderate his tax proposal to appear to a broader audience. he went so far as to promised in last week's debate that he would not reduce the net tax burden on the wealthy at all. the second reason for optimism about republicans coming to the table is very simple -- it may be as hard for republicans to compromise on taxes. they may find a result of not compromising to be worse. the scheduled expiration of all the tax breaks at year end gives republicans an incentive to act. presidents obama has stated without equivocation that he will veto an extension of the tax cuts for the above must bracket. they may soon realize that it is far better to extend 98% of the tax cut than none at all. this story in today's
romney's coat tails. guest: this is the most republican district in the country with the democrat representing it. his name and representation and job approval is rock solid. host: who is mia love? guest: fantastic candidate. small town mayor. doing a great job and we currently have a lead in this race. i .... host: i've got to cut you off because we are running out of time. 30 seconds if you could or less. guest: i agree with the caller inasmuch as there are special interests here. through the superpacks' last cycle. the tea party wave came in. it is going out. we are going to pick up a bunch of seats. guest: i think this focuses on the $800 billion stimulus that allowed a.i.g., corporate executives to get bonuses. the fact is as you look across there is a very clear idea that what we need to do is focus on small business. reduce regulation and taxation across the board. host: thank you both for being here and talking to our viewers. we appreciate it. we are all out of time and take you now to the brookings institution for a conversation with federal reserve board governor jere
stay a victim, you know, mitt romney was right. and we make it very hard. they do not have to report. no one has to report looking for a job. and they do feel like victims. they have a free housing, free medical, they get a check, they have food cards, they get their utilities. and the girls i talked to say, why risk losing that and get married and get a job? so, we have talked to a lot of doctors who seem like they want to have the decisions with their patients and have been approved by obamacare. and also, i was wondering how much did obamacare take from medicare? i am on medicare. like i said, mitt romney was right. they do feel like victims. it is a very scary. host: we got your point. guest: in terms of the cuts to obamacare -- medicare, that is over 10 years, not all at once. it is not to the beneficiaries. mostly specialty providers is where it would come from, not your daily position or your monthly physician. that is where he gets the money from. host: north augusta, south carolina. an independent their, donna. caller: a want everyone to know this, medicare is awful. i have
you the biplomats who were stationed in cairo who were accused by governor mitt romney of sympathizing with the attackers , i'd like to know how these dip plomats, these personnel in ky oh row -- cairo reacted to that criticism? >> i don't know. i've not had any conversations with them. but lide like to assure you just from my general knowledge there is not a foreign service officer or foreign service professional in our service who sympathizes or grease with terrorists. >> we now go to the gentleman from ohio. >> let's understand what you're saying here today is that one piece of intell got you guys, yourself and secretary rice or ambassador rice to make a wrong statement five or six days later and still be making it. because sunday is a long time after tuesday. so you're saying you got it wrong, it stayed wrong and you didn't know any better between the 11th and the 16th, is that right? >> the information that was available to both myself -- >> ambassador, you're a great witness historically. i asked you did you have any contrary knowledge over those five days? >> no, sir. >> you don
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24